I wish I could be more. (Six Word Story)

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Voie lactée depuis le Col des Montets  by j.martinez76 on Flickr.
When I like you, I like you. I get emotionally invested. I pour myself into you because I wanna show you I truly care about you. I wanna show you that I have all of this love inside of me that I’m willing to give you. I want you to know that whatever you’re going through I’m there for you, whether you’re too drunk to even function or you’re too sad to get out of bed. I’m there. I promise you I can show you what it feels like to be cared for, to be loved, and to be cherished. I will give you everything I have if that’s what puts a smile on your face. But damn boy, you just don’t realize. (via oliviaockompton)

Sometimes we hold hands when we fuck

because we can be as rough as we want
with each other’s bodies

but me holding your hand is my way of reminding you

that I’m nothing but gentle with your heart.

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Being As An Ocean // Nothing, Save The Power They’re Given

Lady Louise (by Ar’alani)