I'm Sarah and I'm Scottish.

I like Being As An Ocean, tattoos and lipstick.

don’t mind if I do📕🎧

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What a fucking nerd Me talking about someone I love (via cowprince)

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A lazy night is just what the doctor ordered! Well..yknow, if I was a doctor👾 #tired
#throwback to 2010, getting stuck in New York City (thanks for that, volcano) and reenacting Big. Tom Hanks, eat your heart out🎹🗽 

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People have to forgive. We don’t have to like them, we don’t have to be friends with them, we don’t have to send them hearts in text messages, but we have to forgive them, to overlook, to forget. Because if we don’t we are tying rocks to our feet, too much for our wings to carry! ― C. JoyBell C. (via psych-quotes)

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do you ever get in one of those moods where you’re like feeling okay but you’re really sad at the same time and you just want to talk to someone and make them hug you but you feel annoying so you kind of just sit there being really sad

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